We would like to pay special tribute to our founders, Wolf FUNFACK and Silvia BÜRKLE, also our CEO, Birgit FUNFACK, without whom metabolic balance® would never have existed.

http://www.metabolic-balance.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Dr-Funfack.jpgDr. Wolf FUNFACK – Founder (1946-2013)

Following his dissertation on the subject of “Obesity in infants and young children”, Dr. FUNFACK engaged in the practice of internal medicine and nutritional medicine for 25 years. His many years of experience with different dietary programmes prompted him to search for an effective and lasting method that would restore a balanced metabolism and to make long-term weight management a reality. After intensive research he developed the metabolic balance® nutritional programme in collaboration with the food technology engineer, Silvia BÜRKLE.


Silviahttp://www.metabolic-balance.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Silvia-Burkle.jpg BÜRKLE – Founder

As a professional food technology engineer (with a specialism in pathophysiology and dietetics), Silvia achieved extensive experience during 15 years in product development and quality assurance of the food industry. She directed nutritional counselling programmes and cooking courses for several health insurance companies. In addition, she has been a leading lecturer for the training programme in metabolic balance® and is a consultant to Natural Healing Practitioner Academies and Secondary Schools.


http://www.metabolic-balance.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Birgit-Funfack.jpgBirgit FUNFACK – CEO

Birgit has engaged in health care practices as a Natural Health Practitioner and Seminar Lecturer for over 20 years. Besides her work as an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) master, she also specialises in psycho-kinesiology. She has engaged in overweight issues and health nutrition since childhood; through personal experience and through her involvement with her husband, Dr. Funfack, and sister, Silvia Bürkle. Since the founding of metabolic balance® GmbH, she has committed to her role as Managing Director.


Formation of metabolic balance® nutrition plan

When Dr. Wolf FUNFACK who worked on healthy and balanced nutrition, and creating a healthy way of life for years, realized this wouldn’t be possible with known nutrition and diet methods, he started to work for developing a nutrition system which is suitable for each individual’s own metabolism and applicable lifelong.

metabolic balance® programme developed by Dr. Wolf FUNFACK and Food Engineer Silvia BÜRKLE has been shaped as a result of intense researches and literature studies. As its name suggests, this programme which is prepared according to the information on person’s health and laboratory results, balances metabolism and gets rid of overweight and provides weight control.

Metabolic Balance GmbH & Co. KG founded in 2002 and transformed into a company operating internationally with metabolic balance® nutrition plan. Existing in more than 30 countries and having hundred thousands of clients metabolic balance® is a system not only ensures weight control but also finds solution to people’s metabolic problems and increases their quality of life. By means of metabolic balance®, number of people eating healthily and balanced rapidly increases day by day.